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Yeah, even though it took 11 days to ship, and that it is pretty expensive, it has great protection, quality, and I think that my custom design REALLY complements my black iPhone 13. It's really nice, you should get it.


Thankful for indivisual, allowing people to print Celebrities. Wanted a phone case with Maria Doyle Kennedy, would definitely recommend indivisual. Sadly noticed scratches but apart from that 10/10

It’s amazing

I'm thoroughly pleased with the case, its durability and high-quality aesthetic are commendable. I intend to purchase additional units in the future.


The cutest case ever!!! The Miffy designs are all adorable. I love how you can customize with ease. There are templates ready to use. You can freely edit them too!


I loved how the graphics printed out super clear. I was scared it was going to turn out pixilated, but that wasn’t the case at all. I like how durable the case is too! I’ve dropped my phone a lot and so far it has exceeding my expectations.


The quality of the case is amazing and the print of my custom design was perfect. When received in the mail, none of my images were blurry and were exactly like I envisioned when I designed it. I was so happy with it that I ordered another case for my bsf. I recommend 100%.


My case is very high quality and looks better than I expected. The camera ring is aesthetically appealing and also protects the camera from extra scratches. The only flaw I’ve noticed is that some edges of the case don’t exactly line up, like they’re stretched. It doesn’t bother me that much as it might’ve been how it was handled and/or packaged. The only other flaw is that the power and volume buttons have slits as a product design, whereas I
don’t really like that because of the grime it can build up. These two flaws are just from my personal opinion/liking. The embedded photo is the case not being lined up like I stated before.

5 stars❤️❤️🎉🎉

I LOVE IT❤️❤️ it’s better than I wanted!!

Loveee he

I’ve ordered twice now love these so much


JUST AS IMAGINEDD. I was looking so long for a case like this and I was able to create exactly what I wantedd. now I have a unique case, shipping took a little long but that’s okay aha also it’s a hard to get on & off but its protective because I drop my phone a lot. Also for the clear one I didn’t know there was rainbow specs on the sides so yea but overall it’s 11/10

Customized Phone Case (YOUR DESIGN)
Mia (taylor’s version)

I’m soo obsessed with their cases. I stopped getting casetify cases and completely switched to indivisuall!! The cases have protected my phone from a lot of drops and I lovee everything so much :)

love !

so cute, protects my phone

Great quality!!

The phone case is really good quality and protects the phone and the camera well. also really beautiful.

Custom phone case

Really like this phone case. Love how it’s 100% customizable. The case its self feels very durable and protective as well. Will definitely customize and order more.

I love this case!!

Case is super cute especially because you can design it ,plus the case itself is super sturdy.

Customized Phone Case (YOUR DESIGN)
Yanelda Rocio Rincon Mora
I loved!💕

The quality of the product is completely 10/10! I personalized my covers and the design arrived exactly the same💕

Amazing cute case!!

This is a very cute case and was super fun to create. The quality is amazing and the case is highly durable. For an affordable price you get a high quality case unlike other brands and I recommend getting one for yourself. <3

Great quality, arrived in two weeks


best pgone case ever ❤️

Custom phone case

The case is perfect it’s just exactly what I wanted, however, I was sent the wrong size.

We're thrilled to hear the case design met your expectations, but we sincerely apologize for the mix-up regarding the size. Our customer service team will proactively reach out to you shortly. Should the mistake be on our part, rest assured, we will send you a new case in the correct size free of charge. Your satisfaction and experience with INDIVISUAL are incredibly important to us.


This case was everything I was hoping for! I love how the design came out gorgeous and I’m so happy to of discovered this brand. This case was not just affordable but I was able to customize it as well! 10/10!!!


Let me tell y’all it came super fast, and the quality was amazing, beautiful case loved it!

Favorite phonecases ever!

I have been using phonecases of Individual for almost a year now and can’t complain at all! My phone has been falling out off my pocket so often, but it doesn’t have any scratches or else. The quality is truly amazing, and the price is very affordable aswell. I can definitely recommend them! It is so much fun to customize , I really like this feature since you can bring your own idea into real life and have some unique designs. I can‘t wait to purchase more of them, honestly my favorite phonecase brand ever!!
I also post alot of reviews on Tiktok if you are interested in buying them. :)

Great custom design

I love it! such good material

Really Good Phone Cases

Indivisual has the best phone cases ever, and I ordered another custom phone case because they had a sale. The quality on these cases are very good, and it’s really resilient! I’m so happy with the outcome! Thank you Indivisual!! :))