Stylish Phone Cases That Care for Our Planet

Hey there! At Indivisual, we're all about making a difference while keeping your phone safe and stylish. Our cases? They're made using over 60% recycled materials, giving your device a cozy home while being kind to the planet.

Innovation, Responsibility, and You

We're all about cool designs that don't leave a heavy footprint. Each Indivisual case is tough, trendy, and eco-friendly. Because who said being kind to the Earth can't be fashionable?

Less Packaging, More Love for Earth

We believe in smart packaging – just enough to keep your case snug, without going overboard. It's our little way of saying "Hey, Earth, we've got your back!"

Join Our Squad for Change

Picking Indivisual means becoming part of a squad that's all about tech and sustainability playing nicely together.


It's more than cases – it's a high-five to a greener world!