indivisual tattoo

Angel Sniper with Balaclava 2*2 inch

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Kit Includes

· Limited H.S coded package

· Instruction Card

· Indivisual Semipermanent Tattoo 

· Alchohol Pad

· Wet Tissue

Applying Tutorial


Note: It is normal for the tattoo to be a light shade when it is first applied to your body. Normally it takes 24-36 hours for the stickers to show the final result.


Keys to get long-lasting semipermanent tattoos:

· Clean your skin surface before using. Apply the tattoo on clean and dry skin surface.

· During the first 24 hours, the tattoo may still be able to transfer to other part of skin. Try not to touch other body part with your tattoo. Especially during sleeping, we suggest you to wear clothes that can cover the tattoo. 

· Reducing sport activities may extend the lasting time of the semipermanent tattoo, because sweating may accelerate the fading process.

This product can resist high temperatures, freezing, and acidic substances. Plastic products, keep away from flames.