Recruiting Template Creators

Welcome to INDIVISUAL! We invite you to join our exclusive circle of Template Creators. Unleash your creativity by crafting unique phone case designs inspired by everything you love, from pop culture icons to original artistry. It’s your time to shine by contributing to our ever-growing collection of standout designs.

How It Works:

Your journey from passion to profit is just three steps away:


Craft your personalized phone case using our online tool, like a true Template Creator.


Submit your template design via the form provided and wait for official contact. If your template is selected, INDIVISUAL will reach out to you directly. Your design will then be featured and supported with official promotion, giving it the visibility and appreciation it deserves.


Rack up views and reap rewards as your designs capture the heart of your audience.

  • Get free phone case:

    If your work is chosen as an official template by INDIVISUAL, you have successfully become an authorized Template Creator, and you will receive a free phone case featuring your own design.

  • Official Recognition & Lifetime Free Shipping:

    Get your Template featured by INDIVISUAL for greater exposure and earn lifetime free shipping as a reward for your impactful design contributions.

  • Direct Reward for Popularity:

    Creators whose designs attract more than 5 customers will receive a $100 bonus, rewarding the appeal and success of their creative efforts.


  • Find Your Passion: Whether it's pop culture, celebrities, anime, or a specific style, design around what you love.
  • Submit to Official Form: Complete the official application form with your design. If your work is selected as an official template, we will contact you, and you will receive a free phone case featuring your design.
  • Become a Star Template Designer: If three of your templates are officially listed, you will earn the status of a Star Template Designer and enjoy lifetime free shipping for your account.
  • Optional Sharing: While not mandatory, feel free to share your design process on your social media. More likes and support from friends can make your talent stand out faster to our official team.
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Once your design is listed and starts selling, you'll earn a 10% commission on sales. Your commission will be paid out via PayPal.